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At the minor level, mandatory ball hockey equipment has been kept to a minimum for many reasons.  One, to keep costs down for families of ball hockey players, and two, to keep the physical contact level of the game to a minimum.  Through the insurance coverage, under the CBHA guidelines, mandatory equipment must be worn at all times on a practice or game floor.  Players are not to take off mandatory equipment unless off the playing surface and advised by the coaching staff.

Mandatory equipment stated in our insurance policy is:

  • CSA helmet and face cage
  • protective hockey gloves
  • hockey stick (wood, composite, graphite)
  • shin pads (soccer style or D-Gel CBHA approved)
  • Eye glasses must have shatter proof lenses

RMMBHA believes in the safety of all our players and to avoid injury, RMMBHA highly recommends:

  • soft knee pads
  • soft elbow pads
  • a jock (boys) or a Jill (girls)

All equipment highly recommended is to be worn under garments (except soft knee pads & shin guards). Please check our website each season for any changes or updates to our equipment list.

RMMBHA takes pride in the jerseys we supply and the way our players look on the floor. We recommend all players to wear black shorts and black soccer style sock as part of their uniform.  



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